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Big Mac – 16sp

Quarter Pounder with cheese – 17sp

Hamburger – 8sp

Cheeseburger – 10sp

Double cheeseburger – 15sp

McChicken sandwich – 12sp

Chicken BLC – 12sp

Chicken McNuggets x4 (not including dip) – 5sp

Chicken McNuggets x6 (not including dip) – 7sp

Chicken McNuggets x9 (not including dip) – 10sp

Filet-O-Fish – 10sp

Deli choices

Sweet chilli crispy chicken wrap – 14sp

Sweet chilli crispy chicken sandwich – 17sp

Grilled chicken salad wrap – 9sp

Grilled chicken salad sandwich – 12sp

Crispy chicken and bacon wrap – 15sp

Crispy chicken and bacon sandwich – 18sp

Spicy veggie wrap – 13sp

Spicy veggie sandwich – 16sp


Small fries – 7sp

Medium fries – 10sp

Large fries – 13sp


Grilled chicken salad (no bacon or dressing) – 3sp

Grilled chicken and bacon salad (no dressing) – 7sp

Crispy chicken salad (no bacon or dressing)- 9sp

Crispy chicken and bacon salad (no dressing) – 11sp


Large Coca-Cola – 13sp

Medium Coca-Cola – 10sp

Small Coca-Cola – 6sp

Diet Coke – 0sp

Large Fanta – 13sp

Medium Fanta – 10sp

Small Fanta – 6sp

Regular caramel iced frappe – 19sp

Large caramel iced frappe – 24sp


Apple pie – 9sp

Small vanilla milkshake – 11sp

Medium vanilla milkshake – 20sp

Large vanilla milkshake – 26sp

Small strawberry milkshake – 10sp

Medium strawberry milkshake – 20sp

Large strawberry milkshake – 25sp

Small chocolate milkshake – 10sp

Medium chocolate milkshake – 19sp

Large chocolate milkshake – 24sp

Crunchie McFlurry – 17sp

Dairy Milk McFlurry – 18sp

Smarties McFlurry – 16sp


Smokey BBQ – 4sp

Sour cream and chive – 3sp

Sweet and sour – 2sp

Sweet chilli – 7sp

Sweet curry – 3sp

Breakfast items

1x Hash brown – 4sp

Breakfast wrap with ketchup – 19sp

Breakfast wrap with brown sauce – 19sp

Big Breakfast – 18sp

Toasted bagel – 6sp

Sausage, egg and cheese bagel – 17sp

Bacon, egg and cheese bagel – 14sp

McMuffin with egg – 9sp

Sausage and egg McMuffin – 13sp

Bacon and egg McMuffin – 10sp

Double sausage and egg McMuffin – 18sp

Double bacon and egg McMuffin – 12sp

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